Friday, September 18, 2009

Man vs. God

There's an interesting debate (and comments) at on the question, "Where does evolution leave God?".  There are some strong opinions among the readers.  I find it interesting that some view our existence as a test of some supreme being, with just reward at the end for those who do good.  But why view our time on this earth as a test?  Why do we need to look for a reward for our good deeds (as if we could not be good without hope of reward)?  Life is the reward.  Death is the end.  Your life is as meaningful as you make it.  If belief in a god makes your life more meaningful, good for you.  The bonds I form with my family and other people give my life meaning.  God is not relevant.  For that matter, neither is evolution.  The decisions I make in my life have nothing to do with a supreme being looking over my shoulder like some stern school teacher but have everything to do with how considerate I am to others.  Whether I descend from something created or something evolved makes no difference to me.

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